Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Literary Journal for Christians

Got this in the mail the other day from the editor of a new literary journal, Greater Sum, and thought I'd pass it along:

Hi, Linda. I got your contact information off the WOTS blog. If you're not the right person to contact, please accept my apologies. 
First of all, bless you and your chapter for fostering what is sometimes an overlooked art form. As an editor and a Christian I'm sometimes dismayed at how little encouragement writers of faith get from the faith community. Like the visual and performing arts, writing can and should be a great ministry for the glory of God. 
That's why we recently started a new literary journal called Greater Sum. Greater Sum is a journal of prose and faith meant to help cultivate and encourage the (growing) community of Christian writers with specific emphasis on fiction and creative & narrative nonfiction. While there are outlets for Christian creative writing—especially poetry—there simply aren't many active journals publishing Christian fiction & nonfiction. We want to fix that. Writers are a tremendous asset to the church, and story is one of the great art and teaching forms. 
I'm a decade into a career as an editor, but most of my work has been direct with authors or for organizations. I get tremendous joy out of helping writers one-on-one and through the classes I teach at libraries, conferences, seminars, etc. But it's time to do more with my experience in publishing and editing, and I'm excited to help foster contemporary Christian prose writers. 
I hope you'll pass on our information to your writing group if there are writers actively seeking publication, and I will happily answer any questions you or writers have. Our website is Thank you very much for your time.
Marcus Corder
Greater Sum: A Journal of Prose and Faith

According to the site, the journal isn't set to pay for articles yet. This is its debut year. But after reading several secular literary journals, I'm hoping this one does well.
BTW: Looking forward to seeing everyone next week. Billy and I are leaving Monday, combining our vacation time with the conference time. This is the first year he'll be helping at the conference, too--at least preconference. I've volunteered us both to be bag stuffers Wednesday morning, then Wednesday afternoon, we'll be setting up our shared table in the marketplace. If you get there early, look for me!

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  1. Thanks, Linda, for the mention. We're not prepared to pay contributors yet, but we're about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for doing just that. Everything (printing, website, design, shipping) is coming out of pocket for this, and we expect that within a year our subscription base will be enough to self-support the costs and pay honorariums to contributors. We'll be launching our debut issue in February. Thanks for your support!