Saturday, December 22, 2012

What's new with WOTS?

Everything you love is staying the same, such as craft and industry learning, face to face time with other writers and industry professionals, etc. and a few things will look new, such as the new website and a paypal option for dues and speaker fees.

If I'm already a member, what should I do now?
  • (No Change) If you prefer to pay your 2013 dues ($10) at the first chapter meeting you attend and the  speaker fee ($5) in cash at the meetings you attend, then you do nothing different except check the meeting schedule page and RSVP to those you are attending like before.
  • (Pay Once for the Year) If you prefer to pay once for the year online and be done ($50 which includes dues, and speaker fees with two months free) and are familiar with PAYPAL, you may do so in the sidebar. PAYPAL automatically send us your e-mail address and confirmation and we can take care of the form via e-mail or at your first meeting. This is a great option if you regularly attend.
  • (Pay Online or in Cash as You Go) If you prefer to pay your yearly dues online and then speaker fees as you RSVP to attend individual meetings, either online beforehand or in cash at the meeting, choose the $10 dues only option in the PAYPAL drop-down. You can then pay the speaker fee in cash when you attend or online with the $5 speaker fee PAYPAL option.
Help us build our Members tab!

  • Once you have your PAYPAL receipt e-mail confirmation in your inbox for dues or the dues/speaker fee combo, forward it to Nancy Kimball at wots.acfw (at) together with your headshot, author bio (250 words or less please), up to three links (such as your official website, blog, facebook page, etc.) or if you don't yet have those, your e-mail address if you would like to include it so other members and site visitors can contact you.
  • Very important: If you are willing to be available as a resource to other WOTS members for specific areas of interest, please include a few craft or research topics that you are well-versed in. These topics can be medical, historical, fiction craft, etc. Specific examples would be auto racing in the early 1900's, contemporary physical therapy, period dress in Edwardian-era England, etc.
  • This will feel like double work for those who participated in member Linda Kozar's  e-mail list from November, and we apologize for that, but this gives us an opportunity to consolidate that into a central location and include your photo & bio. And if you are pre-published and have never written a bio, there are a ton of great examples on our earlier blog (just click the picture to your right.)
  • The bad news. Instead of three door-prizes, there will now be only one awarded.
  • The exciting news. The single door prize awarded will be a ten-page critique from the officer of the winners choice, currently Nancy Kimball or Bethany Macmanus, OR the doorprize winner can choose to play the boxes.
  • What is play the boxes? There are two small boxes, Box #1 and Box #2. Inside one of the boxes, is a white elephant/booby prize whose only value is in the laughs it creates. Inside the other box, is a certificate for a much, much nicer prize any fiction writer will be thrilled to have.
  • How do I win the door-prize? Each meeting attendee is given a ticket. If you have RSVP'd ahead of time for the meeting, you receive two tickets. The chapter treasurer will draw the winning ticket and the winner selects their critique certificate or plays the boxes.
In the Works:
The return of the WOTS Category Five Writing Contest, the all-day writing workshop with an editor, agent, or industry professional, and encouraging the formation of new chapters.

Stay tuned and write on!