Monday, October 27, 2014

Our Fall Experiment

We're trying something fun for our November meeting this year. A Show & Tell, Read & Sell party. Here are the ground rules:

For published authors:

  • You can bring as many different books as you'd like to sell, but you can only read from one. 
  • Pick a scene that will whet the appetite of your fellow authors but that is short enough to allow everyone the opportunity to have a turn.

For unpublished authors:

We want you to be able to participate too! There are a few things you can do:

  1. Read a scene from your WIP. Bring printed copies of your scene for people to take notes and give you feedback if you'd like. (Max 5 double-spaced pages).
  2. Read a scene from your favorite book! Do you have a friend or writing partner who is published? You can showcase their book.
  3. Read a section from your favorite novel on writing craft. We can all learn something.
  4. Or just come and listen. :)
If you're willing to provide a book for our raffle, we might all go home with something new. :) Also, you can swap books with your friends as well as sell your own books.

This is a great way to Christmas shop early. Friends and family love to receive signed copies of fiction. So bring tons of $$ and a big book bag to get your purchases home.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Get your serve on

Nominate yourself for an officer position! If you're willing to do the work, we want to know.

Which one sounds most fun to you?

  • Oversees other officers and provides vision for the Chapter
  • Moderates local e-loop if the Chapter has one
  • Directs meetings
  • Chairs Speaker Selection Committee
  • Serves as Critique Group Liaison

Vice President:
  • Serves President as requested
  • Co-moderates local e-loop
  • Directs meetings in absence of President
  • Chairs Fund Raising Committee
  • Sits on Speaker Selection Committee

  • Records minutes of chapter board meetings
  • Maintains meeting calendar
  • Maintains critique calendar (optional)
  • Mails welcome letters to new members
  • Maintains Member roster
  • Chairs Event Publicity Committee
  • Maintains media/industry mailing list
  • Files monthly chapter report with the Area Coordinator no later than the 5th of each month. A report must be filed, even if the chapter does not meet (put zeroes in the number of members and meeting area)

  • Processes new member applications and dues
  • Maintains account for group dues and other monies, sends $25 of dues to ACFW National for the Chapter dues
  • Disperses monies as voted on by officers
  • Reports account balance and membership numbers at monthly meetings
  • Submits new member information to secretary
  • Reminds members about annual dues
Submits the Annual Financial Report to the Zone Coordinator. This reports consists of  the Chapter's opening checking account balance, its income, expenses, the net amount, and year-end checking account balance.

  • Chairs Finance Committee
  • Sits on Fund Raising Committee

Must be a member of ACFW for at least 6 months
Must be a member of WOTS
Must be willing to serve with a great attitude

Email wots.acfw(at) if you're interested. Voting starts November 1!