Saturday, February 6, 2016


Theme of the Month: Making that money!

Are we in this for love or money? 

More than likely, it's for the love of writing, because if it's for the money, most of us are in the wrong business. We're not Stephen King or James Patterson, so the hopes of becoming financially independent are dim stars in the midnight sky. 

Or are they?

For our meeting on February 20, Janice Thompson and Linda Kozar are going to discuss "Dollars and Sense: Earning Money in Today's Crazy Market." They'll discuss the traditional and indy publishing and touch on the audio market.

Don't miss it!

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New Releases

By Janetta Fudge-Messmer

Historical Romance
By Annette O'Hare

Book 2 of the Marriage & Mayhem Series
By Crystal L. Barnes

Up for Award!

Cynthia Toney's 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status is up for the Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) award for YA. Your vote will help boost it toward its goal!


Carla Koch is doing good and is relatively painfree. In case you missed it on Facebook (and if you did, you need to join our WOTS group!), she had surgery on her spine. Here are the pics she shared with us.

Glad she's doing better. A little titanium to supplement the bones is a good thing, right?

Introducing The Creaky Fossils of Fossil Creek

Left to right: Anthea Kotlan, Linda Yezak, Kathrese McKee, Elizabeth Elliot, and Lisa Godfrides. We're the handful of writers who took up Gillian Adams's invitation to have a writers' retreat at Frontier Camp in Houston County, near Crockett, Texas.

L-R: Lisa, Anthea, Gillian, and Elizabeth
(I'm represented by the coffee cup underneath the TV set, back-right)

We worked, we played, we ate, we slept. That pretty much covers it. But it sounds considerably more bland than what it was really like. We enjoyed the company of others who understood us, who "got it." We could crack jokes that wouldn't be funny outside the realm of writing; we giggled at our screens, comfortable with the fact no one would consider us strange; we interrupted everyone else so we could read what we'd just written and get their input. 

For me, it was sheer heaven. 

Funniest thing was the impression those who set up our workstation had of us. Originally, we were to work under the "Fossil Creek" sign. All the chairs were set facing the wall, and a trashcan sat beside each chair.

So, it's true. Outsiders believe we're all just a bunch o' Jessicas.

Gotta laugh.

Here we are. Maybe next year, you'll join us.


  1. Thanks for the shout out about my book, Linda. Glad you're doing better, Carla. Answered prayer...woohoo! Love all of you guys and miss ya!

    1. You're welcome, Janetta! Congrats on your new release!