Monday, June 29, 2015

June 20 meeting notes

If you didn't get to go to the meeting last week (like me), then you'll be excited to know that Janice posted her notes on our very own private Facebook page. Go to the Writers on the Storm page, click on "files," and find WOTS C.O.N.F.L.I.C.T.

Don't forget--the 2015 Storming the Short Story: Dance Edition entry deadline is June 30 at midnight! Hope you get your entries in!!!

Also coming up, the Central Houston IWA Conference info is up! You still have time to register. Conference date is August 1.

Coming up in July: Anita Higman is our guest speaker, and she'll be teaching us how to create an irresistible proposal. Getting us ready for conference season! F. Scott Fitzgerald is the author of the month. If you don't know much about him, now's a good time to learn.

Hope to see everyone July 18!

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