Saturday, February 28, 2015

WOTS February Meeting

Can't believe I had to miss last Saturday. One thing about having a chronic illness--you never know
when it's going to hit and wreck your plans. But word has it the WOTS group received some great instruction from a couple of terrific authors, Lynne Gilbert and Kellie Gentry. Looks like a huge crowd attended: 28 people, including our guest speakers and 7 visitors. My bet is that such a crowd kept Ivan busy.

Since I couldn't attend, I had to rely on others to give me a rundown of the talk. Kathrese McKee stepped up to the plate with a short summary (thank you!).
According to Kathrese, Lynne Gentry gave pointers on doing research using both primary and secondary sources. She coached us to "marble" the details into the story to establish credibility and the quality of verisimilitude that help the reader suspend disbelief.

Kellie Gilbert talked about taking the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. Before writing the scene or chapter, choose the one emotion you want the reader to experience. The hooks at the beginning and ending of the section should reinforce that emotion. She attributed this quote to John Olson of ACFW, "Before you write a chapter or scene, ask yourself, not what should happen next, but what you want your reader to feel." Boil it down to one word.

Really wish I could've been at the meeting. Sounds like our speakers offered some valuable words of writing wisdom. But as I scrolled through the pictures Kathrese took, I was tickled to see this one of Martha Rogers. So excited she was able to attend!


Janice Thompson says: "I'm super-dee-dooper excited about SO many things in my writing career right now. Audio recordings are underway for the Bella books and for Hurricane, which is getting a new cover ASAP. I just got my rights back for Love Finds You in Poetry Texas, which is being re-titled" to Mismatched in Texas.

DON'T MISS THE WRITE-IN at Annette O'Hare's house. Last I heard, it was scheduled for March 5, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Soup will be provided for lunch, and we can bring extra snacks, sandwiches, chips, fruit, veggies--whatever we like to snack on while we work (peanuts!). Leave your calorie counters at home, but bring a battery pack for your creativity.

Annette issued a warning: "I want to give a heads up to everyone coming to the write-in at my house on the 5th. I have 2 very spoiled inside dogs. I hope no one has dog allergies!"


Our topic for March is "Plotting," and I've scheduled a terrific post by author Lisa Lickel next Saturday which asks why we should do it. Be sure to check back! 

John Steinbeck (February 27, 1902 – December 20, 1968) American author of twenty-seven books, is our featured author. Got a favorite among his works?

Guest speaker, Carla Hoch, author of Breaking Reed! Get ready to knock 'em dead!

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