Thursday, March 20, 2014

"The Top 147 Things I Need To Remember In My Writing While Still Being Creative…Boiled Down To 3 Things" by Alan Schleimer

Notes by our intrepid Secretary, Annette O'Hare. :)

Alan said writing is like learning to drive because you constantly have to decide what is the most important thing to concentrate on.

3 Things to remember:

First, don’t rush by settling on your first idea, rushing the story’s development, rushing into editing mode, or rushing the submission to an agent/editor. And don’t let negative thoughts deter you.

Second, soak up all the help you can (afford and) put it to use. Don’t believe all the criticism you get, but process it. If it hurts, generally it’s true. Use your books on craft to analyze your favorite books. Did the author do the things suggested? If so, how? Use what you learn in your own writing.

If you can afford to go to conferences, do it. When you're there, analyze the sessions offered and sign up for the best teacher. If you can't get to conference, order the conference audios and listen to the talks you would have gone to see. 

Last, make it count - every page, every character, every scene. Make sure each scene you write has an objective. Not just the scene, but every person in the scene. And don't forget to enjoy the ride!

Now let's here from you. If you were at the meeting, what is one thing you learned that you plan to implement?

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