Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reader Rewards and the New Reader

Writers on the Storm started the new year strong at the January 5th, 2013 meeting. President Nancy Kimball presented Philosophy of Romance author Vince Mooney's Reader Rewards Per Page and discussed the new reader and why both are more important than ever. WOTS welcomed several new and returning writers to the chapter and enjoyed record attendance.

Membership and visitors present included Annette O'Hare (Treasurer), Alice Thomas, Bethany MacManus (Vice President), Bob Stewart, Carla Hoch (Secretary) Carol Johnson, Charlotte Holt, Christy Lee, David Martindale, Gerri Wood, Janetta Messmer, Janice Thompson, Joanne Hillman, Kathrese McKee (Photographer), Kim Roy, Linda Kozar, Martha Rogers, Mary Foster, Mary Hamilton, Nancy Kimball (President), Susan Cottrell, and Stacey Zink.

The coming calendar months were discussed and the workshop in planning were discussed as well as the new website and member page. After introductions by each present and the presentation during lunch, members and guests enjoyed small group and one on one conversation.

Our next meeting of Writers on the Storm is Saturday, February 2nd where author Donn Taylor will be presenting Lessons Learned from All Three Types of Publishing. We hope to see you there.

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